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As Durham American Legion post celebrates 100 years

As Durham American Legion post celebrates 100 years, in hopes it brings new members
“It’s a place to come to where I’ve got something in common with the people, most of them service-connected,” says Carlton Gooch, an 85-year-old Navy veteran and retired Durham firefighter. Gooch, who joined Post 7 in 1954, can be found most afternoons in his special seat at the horseshoe-shaped bar he help build, swapping stories and commentary on current events with fellow Legionnaires. The event will be an occasion for the public to learn about Post 7 and the Legion’s legacy of community involvement. But it also has another purpose: providing an opportunity to invite new members to join the post.

With the passing of older veterans, posts are pressed to enroll younger members who will carry forward the legacy of service that has defined the Legion for the past century.
Jack Bernhardt | 15/8/2019
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